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EAP Teacher Download Pack

Before you buy, you can now try all 14 volumes of the Genki English system as part of the Eleven Angol Program (EAP) for a 14 day FREE trial period!
To install the Eleven Angol Program Teacher Download Pack click the Start Download button below:
Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7/8

Processor: Intel Pentium II 450MHz processor (or faster equivalent)

Memory: 128MB of RAM

Plug in: Flash Player 8 or higher
Save the EAP-Download.exe file in a folder on your PC that is convenient for you to access or, better still, create a new folder called 1-EAP which will make it easier for you to find. The Download Pack is a large file (900MB), which can take around an hour to download depending on the speed of your broadband internet connection.
Please do not interrupt the download until it is complete.
Once the compressed file has fully downloaded, double-click the EAP-Download.exe file to automatically unzip the contents into your preferred folder and please take a moment to read the README FIRST.TXT and EAP_Teacher_User_License.rtf documents.
To start the program, simply double-click on the Eleven Angol Program.exe file. Please note that after you double-click the Eleven Angol Program.exe file, it can take around 30 seconds for the application to start.
IMPORTANT: Please only double-click once and wait. These are large files and can take up to a minute or more to open, depending on the speed of your computer.
Clicking multiple times without waiting may inadvertently cause anti-malware programmes on your computer to block the application.
If you are using the program for a  trial period, in the Registration box simply click the CONTINUE TRIAL button. If you have paid for a license to use the Eleven Angol Program, please follow the instructions contained in your registration email.
The same download file is used for the 14 day trial as well as for registered users so you will only need to download this file once. Registered users who have paid for a license will receive a unique unlock key that will remove the 14 day trial period restriction.